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  • Our graduates national grade percentile rank for Math is 96%
  • Our graduates national grade percentile rank for Reading is 92%
  • Our graduates national grade percentile rank for Social studies is 87%
  • Our complete National Stanford Achievement Test Battery Scores Average is 89%
  • Our curriculum is well rounded and incudes integration of environmental and fine art elements
  • Our teachers are creative professional educators who emphasize differentiated instruction
  • We emphasize 21st Century academic and developmental skills
  • Our students are encouraged to celebrate differences in traditions, beliefs, and social behaviors
  • Our classroom are culturally diverse
  • Our teachers are facilitators and not instructors
  • Students are allowed to bring their own books, and are encouraged to share stories, thoughts, and ideas
  • Our faculty maintains a strict level of sensitivity to language concerns
  • Students receive positive reinforcements proportionally to their accomplishments
  • Our faculty is knowledgeable and sensitive to all health issues and needs of the students
  • Our students are encouraged to explore and experiment through play, arts, and academics
  • Our classes have centers to garner new ideas through learning
  • Our students are encouraged to find creative solutions to social interactions
  • Teachers use scaffolding technics during reading time (circle time) to encourage creative thoughts
  • Students are encouraged to solve problems creatively at school and at home
  • Our curriculum encompasses the teachings of tolerance and values
  • We encourage our students to cherish the greatness of our Country
  • Our students are exposed to great artists, athletes, and national and community leader
  • School’s fine art program aims to intrigue freedom of expression
  • Our multi language program garners the openness to other cultures and languages

Why Choose Shenker Academy?

Shenker Academy is now the largest preschool in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Our teachers and assistants have a CDA, AA, BS, BA, or MA degrees in the Early Childhood Field or a related field. The Shenker Academy hires professional faculty members who are dedicated to the school mission and passionate about early childhood education and about their personal growth.

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Welcome to the Shenker Academy!

The Shenker Academy is a pluralistic and diverse Preschool-Kindergarten serving the Las Vegas community since 1997. The Shenker Academy is a nationally accredited private preschool offers flexible half day and full day individualized educational programs for children 6 weeks of age through pre-kindergarten. We also offer a full day kindergarten program that is licensed through the Clark County School District with high end national standards.

Our mission is to further academic excellence, enhance our nurturing environment, instill values, and prepare our graduates to the elementary school years. We inspire our students to embrace creativity, innovation, and instill deep understanding and respect to values and insight of modern thinkers in arts, religion, and current events.

Our vision is framed with the projected outcome that will give evidence of success. The vision of the Shenker Academy is to be recognized for the development of excellent students in language arts, mathematics, sciences, technology, athletics, and arts. We garner our students to be lifelong learners, and to be successful students.

Only 1% of Clark County schools are accredited

After years of hard work and dedication, The Shenker Academy achieved school accreditation in December 2011. The National Association for the Education of Young Children is recognized as having the highest standards in early childhood care and education. In addition to the NAYCE accreditation, the Shenker Academy is licensed by the State of Nevada, and committed to the Nevada Registry standards of training and professional development.

Multiple Intelligence Theory

Our goal is for children to develop individual creativity, independent thinking, and higher levels of problem solving. The Shenker Academy focuses on the multiple intelligences theory to understand and enhance each child’s individual learning process.

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Excellent testimonials and Proven Track Record

Our families and students have gone through our program and shown incredible progress. Our graduates attend the best public and private schools in Las Vegas, and are among the highest performers in these schools. The Shenker Academy prides itself with the ultimate balance between the warm and nurturing environment and academically challenging program.

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